The Proverbs 31 Woman Finale & Announcement!

by Stephanie

This is it – the final week in Proverbs 31!

Proverbs 31:31 says

“Give her the reward she has earned, and let her works bring her praise at the city gate.”


I had challenged you all to memorize the Proverbs 31 passage with me – did you do it?  I did it but had a few hiccups when recording it – I left out a verse – can you tell which one? and I misquoted verse 31 – ARGH!  Grace right? :)

Here’s the final video of our summer Proverbs 31 series:

(If you are reading this in a feed – click here to view the video)

Oh how I love the Proverbs 31 woman and long to have hands like her – hands that are diligent, busy, eager, vigorous, profitable, industrious, open to the poor and needy, and praiseworthy.  Though this series has come to an end – I want to never stop striving hard to follow in her footsteps!

Rather than giving you a final challenge instead I have an announcement!


Sign-ups for the Good Morning Girls fall session will begin August 15 and run through September 15th!

The Book of the Bible we will be going through issssssssss…drum roll please…


We will do an EIGHT-week series in the book of Colossians starting September 15!  This will include a FREE eWorkBook, Bible study Guide, videos, articles, resources and MORE!

At the end of the 8-weeks – we will then launch a 4 week Advent Bible study for Christmas!

ALL the resources for these studies will be FREE!  This is going to be so good – I don’t want you to miss it!  I will not be doing any of this study here on Women Living Well – so if you are interested in following along – I encourage you to go to http://www.GoodMorningGirls.organd subscribe or follow on Facebook – so you don’t miss out on the coming details!

 Chime in: If God has used the Proverbs 31 series  in your life this summer – please tell us about it in the comments section.  Also, we wonder –  will you be joining us for the Colossians and Advent study? Sure hope so! :)

Walk with the King!